Swift Finance
Fees (+ Our Plans For Them)

How Our Deposit Fees Work

The deposit fees that we gather from the farms/pools will be used for:
  • 2 % Pools (Burn SWIFT, Earn USDC)
  • 2% Dev Fees for:
    • Partnerships/marketing promotions
    • Developer fees
    • Team Expansion
    • Designers
By collecting these fees, we will be able to further grow Swift Finance and provide a better experience for you. Emission Fees 10% of emissions will go to our dev address here: 0xa598710E9EdA808dF224E14748f6eba374043715 - These emission fees will be used to provide NFT holders their $SWIFT rewards Single SWIFT Staking Fee A 1% deposit fee will be collected for our Single SWIFT staking farm for two reasons:
  • To incentivize more liquidity on our SWIFT LP farms, as there are 0% deposit there.
  • Reduce selling pressure on the SWIFT token, as the fees brings it out of circulation.
Will the devs sell SWIFT? No, our project benefits more from a higher SWIFT price so selling and decreasing the price does not help us. We should be able to cover costs from our deposit fees alone, it will mainly be used for as rewards for our NFT holders.
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