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FAQ (Simply Explained)
Your burning questions, answered!
What exactly is "APR Reset"? APR Reset is essentially a method to ensure high stable APR's weekly, by "resetting" the APR every week. The reason why we want to do this is for TWO reasons: 1. Over time, later investors will lose out because they always get a much lower APR compared to early investors. By being able to "reset" the APR, it ensures new investors will always have an opportunity to participate every week. 2. After investors deposit into non-native farms, they no longer add any more value other than "farming" the token and then selling it. This guarantees the price action of a token will always go down and this will lead to a lower APR, and disincentives new investors to come in. Resetting the APR will allow us to collect new deposit fees and share them with our SWIFT token holders, essentially "paying" for the rights to farm SWIFT, for a specific duration. Click here for a more in-depth explanation of how it works. Why do native and non-native farms have the same multipliers? For the experienced yield farmers, you would have noticed that our non-native farms and native farms have the same 4x multipliers. Here's why: 1. On the native farms side, having equal multipliers will incentivize more liquidity and holders of our SWIFT token, which will ensure a healthy token price, and ultimately a higher APR. 2. On the non-native farms side, it reduces selling pressure from non-native farms. By having a 4x multiplier on our native AND non-native farms, we balance this reward ratio to 50:50 so that more rewards will go to SWIFT HODLers instead of sellers, which will ensure higher price stability.
Why are we classified as LOW RISK on RugDoc?
We have been in the space since September 2021, and since then we have gone through a KYC process along with forming a close partnership with RugDoc and their audit partner, Paladin. Since then, we have earned the trust of RugDoc and their community and will continue to provide a rugpull free farming experience!
Why is the APR so high? Is it correct?
The farm is still brand new and yet to launch.
Once rewards are LIVE, more people will stake and the APR will decrease.
Which means, being early matters!
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