Swift Finance
Swift Finance Simplified
As experienced degen farmers, we've been through HUNDREDS of yield farms, and we all know how 99% of them end up --- DEAD!
There can be various reasons, but ultimately it always comes down to ONE main factor:
Insufficient demand for its native token produces downward price movement, which then pushes APR down and it then becomes a vicious cycle of who is left holding the bags.
... A.K.A. being shat on and made to look like an idiot.
Some of them even promise features which either never launch or don't end up doing well.
We want you to have an enjoyable experience when yield farming.
The solution? Swift Finance. We are truly the first sustainable yield farm launched on ANY blockchain EVER!
Swift Finance is the first yield farm that requires active management and participation by its farmer, known as an "active rotation harvest-tending" yield farm.
We understand that yield farming tends to be seen as somewhat of a passive income method.
But as all true passive incomers would testify, true passive income is never truly passive ...
... especially if you want compounding results.
For easy reference, we will be calling our latest feature the "APR Reset" feature.
Here's how it works!
The farm will have up to FOUR native and THREE non-native token "farms" up at any one time.
These pools will only be available for up to ONE WEEK, where after that, investors in the yield farm will then vote on the next set of pools to replace the current set.
Here's an example! Let's say on Day 1, we have a $ETH pool.
Because it is brand new, the APR would normally reach up to 200,000%.
After a few days, the APR would slowly decrease to around 200-300% APR.
This isn't too bad for your everyday yield farmer.
This $ETH "farm" would remain active until the SEVENTH DAY, where it will no longer receive any rewards and will be replaced with a brand new "farm" and token ...
... which the yield farmers will vote for!
Let's say the $ETH pool is replaced with a brand new $METIS pool.
This brand new $METIS pool will also have the brand new 200,000% APR and will farm for the next SEVEN DAYS until it is replaced with yet another brand new "farm" and token.

How exactly does this make our yield farm sustainable?

It's simple, really.
Most yield farms die because their native token does not possess any demand and people are constantly selling, which pushes APR of their pools down.
Eventually, since there are no new deposits because the APR is not high enough to attract new investors, the devs will not be able to continue development or buy back tokems as there are no more deposit fees being collected.
Swift Finance solves that completely as the pools will go on rotation and there will constantly be new deposit fees being collected thus allowing continuous fee sharing in our pools where SWIFT holders can stake and earn a part of our fees. This ensures there will be constant demand for SWIFT and ensuring a stable token value with high APR's every 7 days.
$SWIFT will have a capped maximum supply. Check out our Tokenomics to understand our sustainability plan.
With our low emission rate, it will take approximately 30 years before the maximum supply is reached.
This ensures that in the short term, we will not be overwhelmed with inflation.

What Happens When Max Supply Has Been Reached?

Once Max Supply has been reached we will discontinue the yield farm, which will cut off any new incoming SWIFT supply. The goal is to have another sustainable source of revenue