Swift Finance
Burn $SWIFT, Earn USDC!
You heard that right! Stake our native token and earn your yield in stables.
Instead of having a different variety of pools, we will only be having a limited number of pools where you can stake your $SWIFT tokens to earn other tokens.
At the moment, it will only be limited to USDC.
If you want to list your token as one of our pools, you can request a partnership through our Discord Community.
Here's a quick tip for yield farmers:
  1. 1.
    Stake your tokens on Swift Finance and earn $SWIFT tokens as rewards
  2. 2.
    Burn those $SWIFT tokens here to earn your yield in stables (Do note that the $SWIFT staked here will be BURNED)
This ensures that our token will have value and decrease selling pressure because people would need to burn $SWIFT to earn USDC.
Ultimately, giving sustainability to our farm and the potential to deliver many more innovative ideas!
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