Swift Finance
The Road Ahead
Here is a roadmap of what the Swift Finance team have planned for the near future. Hold on to your seats, apes!
Yield Farm ICO - 4th April 2022 Burn $SWIFT, Earn USDC - 5th April 2022 Farm Goes Live - 6th April 2022 SWIFT Governance setup - TBA Play To Earn NFT Previews - 7th May 2022 NFT Sale - June/July 2022 P2E Preview - Quarter 3 2022 P2E Beta Test - TBA P2E Launch - TBA Marketing ✔️Referrals ✔️Giveaways ✔️RugDoc KYC ✔️Audit ✔️DApp Radar
VFat (metis) Coingecko (metis)

Be featured on listing platforms for increased visibility and trustability

The Swift Finance team will apply to be listed on listing platforms such as Vfat, DApp Radar, CoinGecko and many other yield farm/token listing platforms which we will constantly update in our Discord group as well as on Twitter.
With this, we will bring more eyeballs to Swift Finance.

✔️Secure RugDoc review, RugDoc KYC, and external audits

Upon launching our website, we will be requesting for a RugDoc review alongside the RugDoc KYC to ensure increased trust in our team and our long-term dedication for this yield farm to succeed.
We will also look into external audits for Swift Finance.

Marketing Efforts

You can look forward to daily giveaways preceding our launch --- where you can win 100 USDC everyday!
We will also be approaching Telegram groups as well as crypto influencers to share about our yield farm.
We will also look into getting ad space on websites too.
Due to the nature of our "APR Reset" feature, we will have to approach partnerships differently than your everyday yield farm.
Refer to our "APR Reset" section for more info.
We will also continue marketing efforts post-launch which we are still discussing within the team.
NOTE: Feel free to share your marketing ideas in our Discord group so that we can grow Swift Finance to be one of the mainstays in the Metis yield farming ecosystem for years to come.

Launch Of Swift Finance V2 Farm

You start receiving rewards from our yield farms + pools + shares initiative!
Not just that, you can also try your luck in our lotteries!
Plus, make use of your referral code to make more money when you invite your friends to Swift Finance, the FIRST yield farm on any chain implementing the "APR Reset" feature.

Bringing NFTs Into The Swift Finance Ecosystem

We will also be seriously exploring bringing NFTs into the Swift Finance ecosystem. As the team is still deep in the brain-storming phase, further updates will be provided after the farm is launched. If you have any feedback or ideas please do share it within our discord community!